Psychotherapy and Counselling


Psychotherapy and Counselling

Alice Hartmann Adv Dip, M.A, UKCP (Reg)

I am an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor.

My aim is to explore with you the possible reasons why your life currently feels difficult, perhaps distressing. You may have a sense of what is happening, or you may not. You may feel confused, or unable to find ways to talk about your difficulties.

Research has shown that talking about your concerns with someone trained to hear them, and respond to them with a reflective, collaborative and compassionate approach, can be very helpful.

Building a confidential context which you can trust to express yourself and explore your difficulties – may they be present and/or past – is important to the work.

Over time, therapy can help you get in touch with resources you may not think exist within you, and with patterns of relating to yourself and others which do not serve you well anymore.

Gradually, this may ease your pain, lessen your fears, improve your day-to-day life and how you experience your relationships. It may help you regain control of some important aspects of your life, and even encourage long-lasting positive change.

The length of this process will depend on what you want to address or change in your life and on how you wish to approach therapy; whether by focusing on particular issues within a specific time frame and/or by looking more deeply at underlying issues. It is usual for therapy to take weeks (12 to 24 weeks); For many people it takes months or years.

It is an individual experience and it is different for everyone. Sometimes the hardest thing is to begin the therapeutic journey.

I am experienced in helping people with many kinds of difficulties but particularly:

  • depressive feelings and depression, boredom and extreme solitude

  • stress, anxiety and panic attacks (in your personal and/or professional life)

  • feelings of failure and inadequacy, low self-esteem

  • relationship difficulties

  • debilitating low energy levels such as chronic fatigue or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

  • difficulty conceiving, miscarriages, loss of baby

  • difficulties coping with pregnancy, motherhood/fatherhood and post-natal depression

  • disordered eating

  • self-harm, however you define it

  • post-traumatic stress disorder (resulting from physical and/or psychological shock)

  • difficulties coping with the long term effects of sexual abuse

About me

I come from France. I have lived in the UK for 22 years. I can work in English or in French.

I graduated with a five-year training programme at the Minster Centre in London ( where I obtained an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling – assessed at M.A level by Middlesex University. This is consistently enriched by ongoing rigorous personal development, personal therapy and further training courses. I hold a Certificate in Infant Observation (APPCIOS). I hold a Foundation Certificate for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I have a particular interest in how we manage powerful emotions such as fear, anger/rage, shame, feelings of despair and jealousy in everyday life and relationships. This often takes us back to our early childhood and how we first respond to, and learn to adapt to our environment.

I am also interested in the different expressions of aloneness and difference, particularly in situations of exile, voluntary migration and important life transitions. I am LGBT affirmative.

Alongside my private practice, I co-facilitated for two years a weekly self-harm support group in a recovery centre in Brighton. I have provided long and short term therapy to people of all ages within the N.H.S. in GP practices as well as with specialists in women’s health and sexual health. I have worked for Mind and as a University counsellor.

The therapy I offer integrates psychoanalytic and attachment theories. It is also informed by the current developments in neuroscience and some body psychotherapies. I bring mindfulness to what the body can tell us, especially when words cannot be found.

I aim to be alongside you in your therapeutic journey, however painful this may at times be.

I provide a confidential, compassionate and non-judgemental environment. Being a Member of the Minster Centre, I adhere to the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P.) Code of Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct.

I receive regular clinical supervision and I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

My U.K.C.P. accreditation number is 2011162770 ( I am fully insured.

How do we start

First we will make an initial appointment. During this first session we tend to talk about what is bringing you to seek therapy. I will take some practical details as well. It is also a time for you to ask me questions and decide whether you would like to work with me.

If you would like to continue therapy with me we agree on a day and time to meet each week. This is best kept at regular intervals, but it can also be more flexible if it is really difficult for you to keep to a regular time each week. I normally work weekly, sometimes twice weekly. We would decide together what would be most helpful for you at present.


You are welcome to contact me by telephone to set up a time to meet, and I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I can be reached on 07951962109

You can also contact me by email at:

I work at Brighton Therapy Centre, 23a New Road, Brighton

To find out more about Brighton Therapy Centre, you can access its website:

You can also read about my services on the Counselling Directory website: Counselling Directory I look forward to hearing from you.


I charge £55-£65 per session depending on your resources. Do not hesitate to discuss with me what you can afford.

A session lasts 50 minutes. Payment can be made by cash or by cheque at the end of each session or monthly.


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